Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - Mothers Day

What a weekend!  A GREAT weekend! 
(WARNING: Photo Overload)

Friday night Big D had a bachelor party, so it was just Lil Man, Chili Palmer and Me.  We watched Full House, ate Pizza and snuggled.  Can't think of anything better!

Saturday stared as a Mothers Day Celebration with my Mother and Sister.  I threw on some pants that haven't fit me in quite some time.  A cute top and accessoried to take on the day!

I picked up my Mom and Sister and we headed out for a FUN evening.
(My Sister HATES for her photo to be taken, but I think she's BEAUTIFUL so I take them anyway!)

 Our first stop... Dinner at Chuys!  Who does Dream of Creamy Jalapeno sauce?!  Seriously good stuff and I'd save all of my calories forever just to have it.

Mom and I shared (Yes, shared... Miracle, I know!) a Frozed Peach Sangria Margarita and it was SO GOOD!

Next stop: The Painting Pub
My Sister put together this outing and my Mother could not be any happier!
We love this place and it was AWESOME!

Of course I had to order a bottle of wine... What's a girls night out without wine?!  BORING!

Here's a few pics of Mom and Steph painting... They take this stuff SERIOUSLY!
 Our finished masterpieces!  I love how we took the same classes, but our paintings vary.

 Sunday - Mother's Day - Started with the sweetest cards and a few gifts.  Now, I LOVE gifts, but I love cards more.  Always have, Always will.

 Big D went on a morning jog with me and he is just incredible when it comes to supporting me!  Almost as good as the freaking UA sports bra that I had to sufficate in.

 The boys made me a grilled fajita chicken salad, we watched the breakfast club and enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries.  Perfect in every way!
 My Lil Man wanted to play a game of pool with me and he takes this game VERY seriously... Like WAY SERIOUSLY!  I beat him!  Take THAT Lil Man!

I hope you have a VERY Happy Mothers Day and if you aren't Mothers, I hope you had an AMAZING weekend!
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