Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up in Photos

This weekend was great... a low key, great weekend!

I started it off at what I like to call the "$150 bottle of shampoo store" (Target).  I wanted some new workout tanks and boy did I find them.  They keep me motivated, so I buy them.  Find what works for you and do it!  Rocking cute tanks... it works for me.  Target has some cute ones... get there NOW!

Speaking of Target...
 Can someone PLEASE explain this?!  A million lanes and TWO of them open.  Yes, those are LINES of people waiting to check out.  Seriously, Target?!

 Headed home for a quick workout and looked down and saw that I had burned 327 calories and decided to keep going to 350.  I looked down and saw that I had burned 362 calories and decided to go for 400... and here is where I ended up.  I might have a problem...
 After my workout, I cleaned up and headed to Margarita Mania with my boys.  We have been doing this every Friday for over 2 years and we LOVE it!  Just hanging out with my boys and talking, while enjoying great mexican food and margaritas... What could be better?!

Saturday Morning we woke up and headed to the track.  While Big D is the BEST support system in the world, his pace is KILLER.  I'm pretty sure I was near death.  I thought our fat was crying all over the pavement, but it turns out it was just tequila.

 We went to see my nephew's baseball game.  I would drop anything to spend time with this kid... He is my heart and I adore him.  His personality and cutie pie looks will get him in oh-so-much trouble one day.

 Big D took us out for Linner and we settled on a BIG, FAT, OOEY, GOOEY, JUICY Cheeseburger and Big D assured me that I had earned it.  Who am I to argue with him???

 Sunday was Beta Sigma Phi's Girl of the Year Tea hosted by my BEAUTIFUL chapter.  These girls always go above and beyond to make each event just fabulous and we succeeded again.  What a WONDERFUL day filled with great food, belly laughs and lots of champs!

Hope your weekend was filled with everything that keeps you happy!
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