Friday, May 31, 2013

All That Glitters is GOLD!

This past weekend I (with the help of my Mother) hosted a Pink, Glitter and Gold Baby Shower for my Sister.  She is having our first baby girl in the family and we could not be more excited!!!  I'm including this next statement, because something has been said to me more than once and I just think it's plain RUDE!  So you know what I say to those people?!

(This is probably my FAVORITE episode of Fresh Prince! LUB!!)

Although this is not my Sister's first child, my nephew will be SEVEN in June and he's a BOY!  Can't I just throw a Girlie Baby Shower?!  Frankly, if I want to host her baby shower, I WILL HOST HER A BABY SHOWER!  She is MY Sister and I don't care if she is having her 12th child (Don't even think about it, Steph!), do we really need a reason to host an event?! 

Moving on...


Her Baby Shower was SWEET!  I chose the color theme, Pink, Glitter and Gold and RAN with it!  Mom, Steph and I painted and glittered these FABULOUS frames one Saturday and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way they turned out!  We made six 8x10 frames for $30!  SCORE! 

They Hydration Station Frame

Welcome to The Royal Celebration Frame and Glittered "K" for Kamille

     The Royal Feast Glittered Pink Frame

Here is a picture of the entry table that welcomed everyone to the shower.

The Hydration Station had the cutest water bottles and the BEST Nanny Punch! What's a party without Chevron Paper Straws?!  You know we had those too!
My Nephew, Koda... LOVE this kid!  He was also wearing a Prince Koda shirt.  ADORBS!

I knew there would be plenty of kiddos at this shower, so I made sure they had some fabulous yummies to enjoy! 

The cutest banner hung from the fireplace and more glittered frame with the CUTEST sayings for little girls!

Of course, we had to include a Long Live the Sweets table!  I LOVE sweets and I was going to have them!  So much pink, I could hardly contain myself.  I bought an ombre' shower curtain to hang behind the table and the most beautiful shade of pink filled her home.

 And if I hung an ombre' curtain, I HAD to have an ombre' cake!  I was strawberry cake, with a hint of almond goodness.  HELLO HAPPINESS!!!

My Sister LOVES rice krispie treats, she always has, so I made some just for her and dipped them in colored chocolate.

 Everyone filled out this card with their Wishes for Kamille, even her big brother.  His was SO SWEET!  That kid melts my heart!

 You can't have a party without favors and I can't host a party without Champs... So here's a picture of the Baby Shower Favors!  ADORE!!!

Of course my outfit had to coordinate with the shower, so here's a shot.  My Bestie quickly commented that I left out my shoes, but I can promise you I ROCKED me some gold wedges!  HOLLA!

 And here's a pic with my and the Hubby, just because he's so damn adorable!

 I loved every single bit of this shower, it was FABULOUS and filled with Pink, Glitter and Gold!  Now... I'm just missing a baby... Any day now.

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Stephenie Watts said...

You did great! The frames and party favors are especially so fabulous!