Sunday, January 18, 2009

My NEW painting

So... I FINALLY finished my next painting! Whoo Hoo!

I took a little while and I think it was well worth it! There are a few touch ups that I still need to do, but I just couldn't wait to share!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Santa's Wonderland

We visited Santa's Wonderland 5 years ago with friends of our and it has now become a tradition. Everyone thinks we are out of minds that we drive more than 2 hours to see the Christmas lights, but we love every second of it!
Here are a few photos that we took this year... The quality is extremely poor, but you get the idea.
Waiting in the LONG line to enter Santa's Wonderland. We always drive through in the bed of the truck. This year was EXTRA cold!

Me & My Little Man LOVING the lights!

A light display that has an Aggie football player running for the touchdown, but is tackled by a Longhorn before getting to the endzone. Okay... that's what we wanted to happen! :-)

The Fam infront of a HUGE Texas flag. Everything really is BIGGER in Texas!

I think everyone should take their kiddos to Santa's Wonderland at least once. There is a live band singing Christmas music, homemade Hot Cocoa and Kettle Corn, Petting Zoo, Numerous Shops with unique gift ideas and of course it would not be complete without Santa.
So Much Fun!
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Such a BAD Blogger!

Well.... I am obviously not very good at this blogging thing, but I am going to give it another shot. Third times a charm right?!

Here are a few quick snapshots that were taken right before the Christmas holidays.

Ashton & Koda (my nephew)

Ashton & Joshua (my brother)
Can you believe that it actually snowed? This was the morning after it snowed... unbelievable!

The Jones Family (Pretty photogenic)

My hubby & Me

I am going to try to be a much better blogger. I enjoy reading so many other blogs and think this is a great way to update anyone and everyone interested.
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