Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life is Not a Competition

I want to start this post with saying that I AM a fan of friendly competition.  I enjoy it.  A sports game, a board game, a Spelling Bee... Bring it!  There is NOTHING wrong with a little friendly competition. 

Now... here's something that I've noticed lately.  It has become obvious to me that more and more people are comparing their lives to others.  They see a blog update about something fabulous going on and then get upset that it didn't happen for them.  When did we stop expressing happiness for others?!

  Then there are THOSE posts, we've ALL seen them, the fairytale, fantasyland living Facebook posts.

Do you REALLY think that people are going to share ALL of their ups and downs with you?!  HECK NO!  They want you to see the good, they want to embellish their lives and it's NOT to make it appear to you that things are better than they are, I think it's to make THEMSELVES believe that things aren't really how they are.

Let me say, sharing the downs in life is not as enjoyable as sharing the ups, but it's LIFE and that is what life is!  Full of UPS and DOWNS!  They mold you and make you who you are... BE PROUD OF THEM!

If you are motivated by what others are doing and get discouraged because you are not achieving the same results, traveling the same destinations, building the same house, rocking the same body or driving the same cars, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  You WILL end up disappointed.  Refocus, because someone will ALWAYS have more and always appear to be better off than you, ALWAYS and let's face it... the things that you have right now in your life are the things that you prayed for at one time.  Enjoy them, because life is to damn short to live miserably!

My Best Friend has been on a workout kick for the last year and let me tell you... She is a BEAST!  Her workouts are tough and she gives them ALL SHE HAS!  I am motivated by her enthusiasm... I am not motivated by her results (even though I am SO FREAKING PROUD) and let me tell you why.  I will not achieve the same results as her, in the same amount of time and I will not get through the workouts she does in one piece and you know what, THAT IS OKAY!  I will give my workouts all that I have and I WILL obtain results if I stay focused.

Life is truly the journey and not the destination.  I'm learning this daily.  Life is NOT a competition... Stop trying to do better than others, stop trying to achieve their results, stop trying to be what they are.  The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.  If you do this, YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED!

Comparing yourself to others will only make you realize your own imperfections and insecurities.  REFOCUS!
Be proud of who you are!  Be proud of your ups AND downs!  Be proud that you are YOU and there is NO ONE else that could EVER compare!

And do you really want to get to the "Finish Line" before everyone else?!  :)

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Aimee Unroe said...

Competition is within..... Myself! Righteous!

Thomas Watson said...

It only goes to show that other people are not our standard.