Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taco Tuesday!

We LOVE Taco Tuesday!! Tacos are a favorite in my house and we just love the simplicity of them. I set up a Taco Bar and let everyone add whatever they want. My kiddo feels like such a big boy fixing his plate.
I happen to be the condiment queen... adding fun stuff to food is something that just makes me happy, happy!! Taco Toppers RoCK!!
I decided to make myself a Tostada... just the way I like it!!
And, our absolute FAVORITE Taco Topper... Pico de Gallo!! We just can't get enough!!
On a busy day of work, chores, homework & baseball games, there is nothing like Taco Tuesday!
What are some simple meals you prepare for your family?!
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Shawn said...

Oh, how I love tacos.....yummmy...just visiting over from SITS!

Great blog!!

Tracy said...

Taco Tuesday ... what a great idea!
I'm visiting from SITS also.

Have a great day
Tracy :-)

Tracie said...

My family would have Taco Everyday if we could! I loved all of your toppings (especially the Pico de Gallo-most people forget about that when they make tacos), but I noticed you were missing two of the most important taco toppings--sour cream and guacamole!

I'm here via SITS--Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

We do Taco Tuesday too! This week we had eatathomes chicken enchiladas! Yummy!

Visiting from SITS