Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Being LAZY

I have been cooking & baking non-stop and I do LOVE it!! However, I had a house full of family and friends and a super crazy weekend and all I want to do is catch up on a little sleep. Is that to much to ask?!

My boys were starving and didn't want the slice of peanut butter toast that I would've been happy with. So what's an exhausted Momma to do?!?

"Thank you for calling Pizza Hut, will this be for delivery?!"


The Cooking & Baking Gods are frowning upon me right now, but doesn't this pizza look Yummy? I am sure my hubby appreciated the insanely intense heartburn that came along with it and I bet next time HE will be the one happy with peanut butter toast!! **Sneaky Laugh**
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Chrissie Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I have an Ashton too!:)
Your recipes all look delicious!
Chrissie Grace