Monday, August 24, 2009

8 is GREAT!

My baby boy turned 8 years old yesterday & I cannot believe it!! I feel like yesterday was his first birthday and then we turn around and he is 8 years old. *Tear*

He will be starting 2nd grade tomorrow and is excited about a new year.

Below are very few (because that is all the program will let me upload) photos from his birthday weekend... Yes, we celebrated all weekend & he LOVED it!!

Ashton's #8 drawing
This kiddo could draw 24 hours a day... we have SO many drawing and if one is missing, he knows! I love that he is excited about art and being creative!

Josh (my brother), Koda (my nephew) & Ashton getting ready to watch "boy movies"!!

Lil Man smiling for pictures and getting ready to blow out his candles. Little did he know, they were trick candles and re-lit about 7 times! Thank goodness he doesn't have asthma!! HaHa!

My sweet Lil Man on his 8th birthday
He was getting ready to head out with Aunt Steph, Bry & Koda to his next surprise. The race track! He absolutely loved everything about his birthday weekend!

I love this sweet boy!! Happy Birthday Ashton Grant!
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