Thursday, August 20, 2009

SPC - Day 1

The Challenge of ALL Challenges... Maybe...

I have been following Ariana's blog for about a year and absolutely love the fun moments she captures on a daily basis. She is definitely the do-it-all mom/wife. Believe it or not... she always leaves me speechless and wondering how in the heck she does it all.

Ariana... if you happen to see this (in all your free time... HeeHee), I wish I knew how to "hyperlink" your name to lead to your blog?

SO... the challenge begins. Ariana is challenging blogland to a daily Self-Portrait shot for 30 days.

Sounds easy?! I think not! However, I'll try anything once... within reason!!

Try it out!!

It could be fun to see the day-to-day changes (minus the added wrinkles & stress, of course)!!
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1 comment:

Ariana said...

You are SO pretty!
I really love your hair.
As in, I'm totally jealous ;)

I'm glad you reminded me, I haven't taken a picture yet today!