Sunday, July 11, 2010

From Dining to Drapes

Are you looking for an easy DIY project?!

I have JUST the one for you to try!
From Dining to Drapes

Here's what you'll need:

* Table Cloth
* Heat n Bond or Stitch Witchery
(I've tried both and do not prefer one over the other)

* Iron

I found this tablecloth at Target on the Clearnace rack for $11.47!! I'll let you figure out the "with tax" total. Either way, I SCORED & it's in the colors that I'm needing for the guest room makeover!

Cut the tablecloth into panels that will fit the dimensions you need. I purchased a tablecloth that is 60" x 84", so I had one simple cut up the middle.

Fold over a portion of the panel to create a curtain rod pocket. Place the fusible web between the fabric and follow the package directions. Typically, you will place the fusible web between the fabric layers and cover with a damp cloth. Set iron on "wool" settings and press for about 20 seconds.

Repeat on the second panel.

Let the panels cool down, hang and Viola!

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1 comment:

Nikki said...

Love this! I need some some drapes in my dining room, but have been too cheap to buy some. I'm completely stealing this idea! Stopped by from SITS!