Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When One Door Closes...

Another door opens.
OH how I believe this statement! The last few years have been quite a struggle for me, a struggle to remain strong in my faith that God has a plan for each of us. I was layed off 3 times within an 18 month period and we were dealing with some of the most financially stressful and emotionally difficult times that we have ever faced.
I felt like I was not going to be able to survive one more thing being thrown our way. There was nothing familiar about our tomorrow and I was scared to death. However, Abel felt confident in our security, while I started mourning the loss of my career and the loss of a life I really enjoyed.
It's apparent to me that I should NEVER doubt God's plan. Even when I feel that I have approached my darkest times, I now recognize that He is always there. He will bring you through a Season of suffering, so that the unimportant become glaringly unimportant. We have looked at the things that have been stripped away and realize that we can see God more clearly when they are gone.
Today, I continue to have faith in my God and I truly believe that when He closes one door, He will ALWAYS open another.
(Photo By: Basilio Robledo - It's an AWESOME photo, isn't it?!)

One year ago this very same week, I returned to the office on Wednesday from the exact same vacation. The very next day, I was layed of from a job (the job, not the company) that I loved so much. What a sad & very different place I was in one year ago. I am so very grateful that this year, I will be retuning to a company/office/friends who to assist me daily in growing & becoming successful.

Coy fish grow in proportion to their ponds & so does our Faith. If we are kept in safe, small ponds forever, we will never grow.

I am thankful for the gift of supportive family and amazing friendships that have carried us through and I am blessed with a Heavenly Father who carried the burden of my fear and anxiety and a Heavenly Father who continues to comfort me.
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Robyn said...

Boy don't I know what a difference a year can make...I am in agreement with you that when one door closes God will open another one...God works in mysterious ways...I always think that there is something better in store...and if He brings you too it, He will bring you through it! God bless!

Melissa said...

"If we are kept in safe, small ponds forever, we will never grow." This is a great observation, and so true!

Basilio said...

Totally agree with your thinking. Thanks for using my picture on your blog. Hopefully soon open doors only interesting for you. Greetings from Chile. (sorry my english).