Saturday, June 26, 2010

July 4th Extravaganza!

I LOVE 4th of July!
I love the sunny days, the sparkly fireworks and the great food.
But this year, I’m giving a little more thought to what it means. I live in a FREE country. Most of the time, I don’t give that a second thought.
When I watch the fireworks on July 4th, I’m going to be celebrating the freedoms each of us have. Thank you Founding Fathers. Thank you for your courage and your foresight.
Let us always remember that freedom is a right, but it’s also a priviledge.
Happy July 4th! Happy Independence Day!
I'll be updating daily with Festive & Fabulous 4th ideas... Check back often!

Fireworks Bracelet @
Yellow Blackbird

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Tiffany Phelps (paugh) said...

I want one of these braclets...they are awesome!!!