Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To Polish or Not To Polish?!

SO... I know that everyone has a pet peeve, but my pet peeve seems much simpler than the others that I've heard. You want to know what it is?? You don't!! Oh well, you're going to learn a bit more about me anyway!! ;-)

My Pet Peeve is Unpolished toenails. Is that Crazy?! It drives me absolutely insane to see ladies with open toe shoes, with unpolished toe nails!! My even BiGGER Pet Peeve (I can have more than one, can't I??) is when someone says they've had their nails "Painted". Painted?! It just makes me cringe thinking about it! You paint a wall, you POLISH your nails.

Yes, I am THAT insane!!

Flip Flops make me SO happy & when you have your toe nails perfectly polished, what could be better??

Get your Pedicures Today & throw on a FuN pair of Flip Flops... Bet they make you SMILE!!

Okay, Now on to the GOOOOOOD Stuff

You know I LOVE sharing ideas & FUN websites, so get ready because is an awesome website that gives great instructions on how to polish your fingernails and much more. Replace your fingernails in the instructions to your toes & you're good to go!!

My FAVORITE (Yes, FAVORITE) part on the Opi website is the "Try on this color" tab at the top. How COOL is that?! You can pick an Opi color on the right, and "apply" it to the hand. If you must, you can adjust the skin tone color and nail length.

**WARNING** It's fun and it's addicting!!!

OH! And just for fun (or for real), click on the "SHREK" set of colors, and try on "Who The Shrek Are You?" No, I do NOT like this color (Nope... Not even for my toes), I just LOVE the name! Too STINKING Cute!!

Some of my Tiffany Signature colors are:

I'm Not Really A Waitress

Cajun Shrimp

You're a Pisa Work

Paint My Moji-Toes Red

What are your FAVORITE Opi Nail Polish Colors?!
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1 comment:

Wendymo said...

I love O-P-I colors. I believe my favorite is "I don't do dishes red". I haven't seen it the past few times I have gone but it was a great red color with an awesome name.