Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dining Room Do-Over

While I've taken a break from Blogging, I haven't taken a break from getting crafty at home.  My latest project is my Dining Room Do-Over.  I'm slightly (Okay, VERY) obsessed with completing projects with a minimal budget to prove that design doesn't have to cost a fortune!
Although I LOVE red, I'm always drawn to blues (I'm pretty sure it's my power color) and have very little blue in my home.  That is about to change...

I gave myself a $250 budget and recruited a SMOKIN' HOT handyman.
Here is my BOOOOORING dining room before

I can do ANYTHING with a can of spray paint!  Seriously powerful stuff!

I started by priming and spraying painting the china cabinet that was already in the dining room.  After the paint dried, I used a dry brush and an antique glaze.  I also sprayed the hardware with my favorite hammered spray paint and I just LOVE the way the piece turned out!

 While I was spraying my life away, my Smokin' Hot Handyman was painting the dining room walls the most beautiful teal color.  Honestly, it is STUNNING! 
Paint Color: Glidden Totally Teal

Now, I have used MANY paint brands and I must say that Glidden Paint and Primer in One is by far the BEST paint I have EVER used... Hands Down!

While Mr. Smokin' Hot Handyman painted the room, I sprayed the other pieces a cooridinating color.
I also sprayed the chandelier and added some of the antique glaze.  I sprayed the shades as well... See, I can do ANYTHING with spray paint!
I purchased a new rug, mirror, decorative plates, flowers, and decorative tray.

I added a few pieces that I already had around the house.

And Wah-Lah!

This project came in just slightly under the $250 budget with paint, spray paint, brushes and decorative pieces.  I will added a few more pieces soon, but that's how design works... always evolving! 

**UPDATE** I am slowly adding touches throughout our new dining room, including a monogrammed burlap runner, family photos and the cutest little hooter!

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Wow! Holy crap you did such a fantastic job and redoing that room. Kudsos!!!