Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little White Chapel - Link Up with Holly and Mel

Holly and Mel are hosting a Wedding Deets Link Up today and so I thought... Why Not?!


Let me first start by saying that I never dreamed of having a big wedding, I never picked out a beautiful wedding dress and I never had these visions that would last a lifetime. 
My dream was to find the perfect man, have a beautiful family and spend a life together that would fill my heart with happiness  I am living my dream!  I NEVER stopped and wondered if a wedding was important to Big D...

SO, my first trip to Vegas and TEN YEARS into our relationship, Big D surprised me...

Location -- VEGAS, baby!  Big D told me to get dressed for a night on the town, the limo showed up (not surprised... I was born to be driven from destination to destination by a driver I can hardly understand), we pulled up to a building and got out.  Big D looked at me and said, "Will you marry me?" and my response, "What would you do if I said NO?"... He said, "It's a long walk back to Texas!"  How could I ever say "NO" to this man?!

Bridal Party -- It was just Big D and I... We wouldn't have it any other way!

Colors -- We didn't have colors, but the Vegas Strip was ALL THE COLOR I NEEDED!

First Dance -- No dance for us, so we spend most Sundays dancing around the house together.  LOVING the life we live! The song I would choose is Fat Bottomed Girls... I kid, I kid! I'd choose Feet Don't Touch the Ground by Stoney Larue.

Honeymoon -- Hellooooo! We got married in Vegas!  That was honeymoon enough for me!  I might be Miss America, but I'm a low-key Miss America. 

What Would I Change? -- Not one thing... Honestly!  This type of wedding would not work for everyone, but it's the marriage that is most important of all.  I am in a marriage that I could never have dreamed of! 

How we fell in love is so precious and this man SAVED ME!

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Aimee Unroe said...

Love this!!!!!!!! Love you!