Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiffany's Tuesday Tip #8 - Flawless Face

Today's Tip is not my typical around this house tip, but stick with me because it's a good one.

How many of you use a foundation primer prior to applying foundation? If you don't, you should definitely give it a try!

The must have Foundation Primer in all of the beauty magazines, on the internet, & one of Sephora's top picks is Smashbox's Foundation Primer. I must say that it works fabulously! However, not many women I know are pleased with the $36 price tag (you'd have to see the size of the bottle to understand).

I'm living in the insane Southern Summer heat and my makeup is melting off, just as fast as I put it on. So, after a little research on face primers and found a product that is said to be comparable to the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, but for pennies!

Behold the Monistat Chafing Relief Gel. I know what you're thinking... So stay with me! Even though it's Monistat, this is not a cream for well, you know where. It's actually a powder gel that you can use for your bra line, thighs or anywhere you have problems with your clothes chafing your skin. Or now, as a foundation primer!

According to several articles, the ingredients for the chafing gel are very similar to that of the Smashbox primer. The secret ingredient is the silicone (dimethicone). The silicone allows the product smooth right over your skin, filling in smaller lines and pores.

The texture of the gel is very smooth and glided easily over my skin. It's better NOT to rub into your skin like you would a moisturizer, but simply pat or smooth over the surface or your face. My skin instantly felt smoother and soft. After a few minutes, I applied my make-up as usual... Foundation First!

I think this is a fabulous, frugal alternative to the Smashbox primer! Before investing in an expensive brand, you may want to give this one a try!

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