Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Creative With PEEPS!

Get creative with PEEPS (Yes, it's possible)!! has a great article/slideshow up right now featuring new and fun ways to get creative with Easter’s favorite sugar-coated marshmallow friends!

The feature also includes some “Fun Facts” – including this one which seriously shocks me: “PEEPS were made by hand using a pastry tube until 1954, when a machine was invented to create multiple marshmallow chicks at a time. Prior to this time it took
27 hours to make one PEEP.” 27 hours?! Who knew! Does this make you feel little guilty for the 30 seconds spent microwaving them?? (Yes, this is VERY common.)
Click here to check out the full article.
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1 comment:

Scraps said...

(stopping by from SITS)

I love the idea of PEEPS Fondue--perfect! Yes, we've tried the peep-jousting before but it's waste, we like our peeps soft, not crunchy :)