Friday, August 2, 2013

Favorite Things Friday - Clean Eating

Today is FRIDAY... Whoop! Whoop!  Normally, I'd finish the day with Margarita Mania, BUT I started the Advocare 10-Day Cleanse on Monday.  Womp, Womp!

I thought I'd share some of my favorite clean recipes that I've enjoyed so far.

I'm a huge tuna fan, so I was fearful of modifying the recipe to make it healthier. Although this isn't what I'm used to, what i'm used to isn't working. This clean recipe was VERY good and with only 96 calories a serving, I can do without the mayo!
Recipe Found HERE
Isn't this the most colorful salad you have seen?! LOVE it! I replaced the tofu with feta and wah-lah!
Recipe Found HERE

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is one of my favorite "Go-To" meals. I LOVE this salad... Like LOVE it! It's was a no-brainer to add it into this week's mix.
Recipe Found HERE

Hello Happiness!  There is SO much goodness in the lettuce wraps, you don't even realize that they are better for you.  SO worth the work!
Recipe Found HERE

You canNOT forget breakfast, it truly is THE most important meal of the day! Here is a yummy recipe to give you a kickstart!
Recipe Found HERE

Hope some of these help! Clean Eating does not mean starving and you can enjoy more than you realize! Have a great weekend!

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