Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Knock, Knock! Who's There?? (My Love for ZuMBA!)

**The post below was originally posted in April 2011 and I'm updating it for this week's Workout Wednesday.

The reason i've decided to repost this is, looking back at how much I loved Zumba it still amazes me how far I came while having fun. It amazes me! Exercise can be fun! Zumba changed my energy level, my body and my heart. I was BORN TO DANCE! After doing Zumba 3 times a week for many, many months, my instructor moved her class to the dreaded... GYM! *GASP* I have a fear of the gym, a fear of being judged and an insecure mind. I quit immediately! I stopped working out all together and continued with an awful diet filled with salads loaded with ranch dressing and ended up in the same place I began.

And that brings us to the present... I'm not a girl you will find in a gym, but I'm not the girl who wants to remain tired and unhealthy either. You HAVE to figure out what works for you, you have to change your diet and you have to get moving. It doesn't happen overnight, but it will happen if you change your lifestyle!**

It’s Me… I’m HERE!! I know, I know... I have been MIA forever. *sigh* I have a tendency to get on these "kicks" where I am SUPER, CRAZY passionate about something until something ELSE takes over! {It’s a good/bad thing & a habit I'm trying to break} Does that ever happen to you??

I am channeling my creative juices into a different direction, but I AM working on combining the things I enjoy so much. I miss blogging, I miss blogland and I miss (SUPER MISS) reading everyone’s updates… BIG TIME!!

As for now and the past few months, I have been completely focused on something new, something fun, & something that allows me to be creative (but not crafty), something that is a completely different direction... my NEW passion… ZUMBA!!

(NOTICE: It is a BIG deal, I mean MAJOR, that I posted the picture below.)

This is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Zumba! It was NOT my plan to lose weight, inches and tone up in ways I just didn’t realize I could, when I started Zumba. I wanted something in my life that was fun, something different than what I had done before and something that just allowed you to be free for a short period of time everyday. However, when I looked at the above photos side-by-side and shared with friends, I could not believe the benefits that Zumba offered. I had no idea that I was working the muscles that I was; I just thought I was dancing and having fun. Who knew?! A girlfriend said to me, “If I had that type of improvement, I’d be posting these pics everywhere!” Really? I just couldn’t! My first thoughts… “Look at that before picture…Was that really me? Did I really allow myself to get to “that” place?” I was so embarrassed and ashamed of where I was that I could not even see where I am now. I should be proud and slooooowly day by day, I am becoming more proud of what I am accomplishing and that I am feeling like “ME” again!

Zumba did this! I am blessed with a Zumba instructor who is a breast cancer fighter and survivor and is beyond encouraging and a group of family/friends who want nothing more than for me to be the best “Me” that I can be.

Yes, I will be back and I’m beyond excited to share all of the projects I have been hiding and the ideas that I have in-store. I am still SUCH a craft-a-holic & have so many FuN & Spectacular projects that I just canNOT wait to share!!!


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Decorchick! said...

GIRL!! Oh my goodness you look amazing!!! I've missed you! Man I keep hearing about Zumba classes--I think you've inspired me to take a class. Way to go Tiff!

Anonymous said...

Go Tiffany! You look amazing!

Wendymo said...

You look great! I too have a love affair with Zumba. I have been doing it for a couple of months along with Weight Watchers and have lost 33 pounds. My Zumba instructor is amazing! I just adore her. The instructor really can make or break the class. I am looking forward to this weekend. We are having a two hour Zumbathon with two instructors taking turns teaching the class. It's a ton of fun!

Megan said...

I'm so happy you have something you enjoy, that is really key to your success!