Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lucky Number 3 - In His Thirties

Happy Birthday Big D!!

Today is Big D's 33rd Birthday and as I have over the last 14 years, I wanted to be the first person to wish him a happy birthday!  This year I wasn't... I'll blame the Ambien and his Best Friend who never sleeps.

Big D is beyond happy and content right where he is in life and I can only imagine it's the greatest gift he could ever ask for.  I think he is not-so-secretly hoping Sweet Kamille Baby is born today, because how awesome would that be?!

3 is his favorite number, so being 33 must mean that this year will be a great one!

There are so very many things that I love about Big D, and I've decided to write a list. I have to admit it's somewhat of a task, but one I'm happy to complete.

A list of 33... Here it goes:
1. I love that you are a dare devil and will never back down from a challenge. (I DO love this, even though I'm bound to have a few panic attacks thanks to you!)
2. I love how eclectic your taste in music is. I never know if it's going to be Texas Country, TuPac, Alice in Chains, or Phil Collins playing in your truck.
3. I LOVE that you are one helluva swimmer (Especially since I'm a non-swimmer).
4. I love the color of your eyes (Tiger eyes).
5. I love your cute tushy (ALWAYS have) & I love that you love mine!
6. I love that you win any discussion about the most rebellious thing someone has done. Hands down!
7. I love how liked you are by others because you are YOU.
8. I love the way you help and talk to elderly women and make them blush like a 20 year old.  Seriously, ADORABLE!
9. I love the way you loved your Nanny and would have move Heaven and Earth to keep her happy.  I love the way she loved you!
10. I love that you appreciate my head full of useless knowledge.
11. I love that you never pretend to be something you're not.
12. I love that you can make me laugh more than anyone else I know.
13. I love that you absolutely appreciate my shoe addiction, because you have one of your own.
14. I love that you can fix anything I break (minus the ducktape).
15. I love that you respect the way our Lil Man looks up to you.
16. I love the way you love my girlfriends and appreciate how important they are to me.
17. I love how you will grab hold of me and kiss me as if it were our last.
18. I love how much you love sports. (Did I just say that?)
19. I love that you can quote lines from so many movies.
20. I love listening to you sing (Even if you don't always know the words... Yes, it still makes me crazy!).
21. I love that you bring me coffee most Friday mornings as I get ready for work. You don't even ask if I want it, you just know!
22. I love that you don't require a hot meal every night for dinner. You are beyond happy with any meal I make!
23. I love that you will drop everything for anyone who needs help. Your heart is SO BIG!
24. I love that you will watch every single episode of Sex and the City a hundred times, just to spend another second with me!
25. I love how people in your life will never have to question your loyalty (Even if you begin to question theirs).
26. I love how possessive you are of me as your wife when people are being disrespectful to me.
27. I love how you support all my extra activities and very gently let me know when I am in over my head!
28. I love how particular you are about your hair (or lack there of).
29. I love the way you make me feel like I can do anything and succeed.

30.  I love how the baseball kids love you as their coach, when most parents think you are completely insane.  The kids love you and THAT is what counts!
31.  I love that the simplest of things keep you smiling!  Like the Big Red Thunder From Down Under!
32. I love that what we have is so very different from every other relationship, but somehow it works for us and it works so well.
33. I love that you are the man I get to spend the rest of my life with!

I love your guts Abel Jones! Have a VERY Happy, Happy Birthday!
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