Monday, September 20, 2010


Round up the family for a new twist on fresh baked cookies, brownies & MORE!

Don’t we ALL love the Pzookie dessert from our favorite local chain restaurant?! The Skookie pans come pretty close to re-creating the dessert experience without the wait for a table and the LOUD restaurant. I purchased mine from Bass Pro Shop (only $19.99) but, you can always find them on

Here are the goodies you will need to bake up an oh-so-yummy Skookie! I use prepared cookie dough and they turn out warm, yummy oversized cookies every time.

These tasty treats will quickly become a family favorite!

So far the skillets have cleaned up easily. I try to clean them as soon as we are finished eating. Since the boys just about lick them clean anyway, there isn't much cleaning to do.
**Tiffany’s Tip: Try making mini-pizzas with pre-made dough with equal success.**
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Diane {} said...

My friend gave these to her family as Christmas gifts a couple years ago and I've been meaning to get one, I would LOVE that delicious warm gooey-ness even a brownie one oh...the wheels are turning and now I have to get one :)