Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Candy Nugget Box

Being the Crop-a-Holic I am, I happen to thing these are absolutely adorable!
What a great way to jazz up a boring piece of chocolate!
Candy Nugget Box

Supplies Needed:
Cardstock for box base
Paper for dressing up finished box and nuggets
Scor-Pal tool or other Scoring system
Scissors or craft knife

1. Follow the detailed instructions for the “Candy Nugget Boxes” that can be found by following this link to the scor-pal site:
http://www.scor-pal.com/basics/index_files/Page406.htmYou can click and print the tutorial that will walk you through each step to make the box base. Don’t get overwhelmed when you first read the instructions. It is very simple to make if you just take it one step at a time.

2. Once you have completed the box base, you can cut patterned paper and ribbon to decorate the outside of the box. She also decorated each nugget with patterned paper to match.

3. Fill box with nuggets and give to someone sweet! (But not me, because I am on a diet... HaHa!)
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Jennifer said...

Well chocolate is never boring to me, but you sure made em way cuter!!! I like that you covered the chocolates to match the box. Awesome work! I am no good at scoring & folding, it's so sad!

Amanda in GA said...

Very cute! I am always looking for fun teacher/friend gifts thanks for sharing