Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tiffany & Co.

I have FINALLY added pictures! Don't get too excited... it's only a few, but now you will be able to put a face with a name. Yeah for me!

Abel is my AMAZING hubby... he far exceeds an expectation that I ever had of my perfect partner.

Ashton Grant is my sweet little angel. He is 6 year old and FULL of life!

Our pets: We have 2 dogs - Braxton Tank and Jack. Jack was a homeless dog, but after feeding and caring for him for almost 2 years, Ashton reminds me that he is no longer homeless.

3 Fish - Flip, Flop and Skully

I am blessed day after day in my life and I will never know what I did to deserve the blessings God has given me. God is GOOD!

That's us in a nutshell... The Jonses! Stay tuned... Hopefully MUCH more to come.


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